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Marriage to a Narcissistic Spouse - Marriage to an Alcoholic/Addict - Bullying Children & Teens

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In Growing Up Beautiful in an Ugly World of Bullies, Miss Brownfield, a three-time Miss Outstanding Teen Texas competitor, Jacy Etter, writes about her own experience of being bullied during her elementary years, and how she overcame its negative effects on her life.  Written especially for teens and children, this inspiring book will help to build self-esteem in even its youngest readers. Recommended also for supportive parents and educators.  For more information, click here.

I Promise to Hate, Despise and Abuse You Until Death Do Us Part: Marriage in a Narcissistic Age is our best selling book. The authors, Andrea V. Oelger and Troy W. Martin, describe difficult narcissistic husbands and how they are affecting their Christian spouse. They also explain how narcissistic husbands often misuse the Bible and the church to manipulate a Christian wife. It is especially helpful to Christian women who feel trapped in a narcissistic relationship and for those family and friends who love and try to support them. For more information, click here.

While addiction is ravaging homes and families in an unprecedented cultural epidemic, many survivors feel alone in trying to control its damage and pick up the pieces. Hold Your Head Up High; Surviving Marriage to an Alcoholic or Addict  written by singer/songwriter AmieDanae (www.amiedanae.com) offers an eye-opening perspective and insight into the world of co-dependency, as well as providing practical tools for survival.  For more information, click here.