I Promise to Hate, Despise and Abuse You Until 

     This imaginative new book is a collection of creative student essays written in apocalyptic genre as a means of interpreting political crises of our time.  Rothschild, Professor of Theology, Lewis University, selected twenty student essays from her class entitled "Special Topics: Revelation and Other Apocalypses" (19-215-1), and these essays are included in this book. The crises spots that the students chose to write about include ISIS in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, South China Sea, East China Sea, and Ukraine.

     This book will be of interest to professors and students exploring apocalyptic literature as well as to anyone sympathetic with those living in these crises spots.

     Rothschild has included a classroom worksheet entitled "Anatomy of an Apocalypse" as an appendix.

Apocalyptic Imaginations

Edited by Clare K. Rothschild


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