Book Review - I Promise to Hate, Despise and Abuse You Until Death do Us Part

 by Cheryl Kinnersley on 03/18/11

 I was initially drawn to this book for two reasons.  First, I know the author and respect and  trust him.  Secondly, I provide marriage counseling services and have encountered many  who have struggled with this issue.  Individuals have felt trapped in an abusive relationship  and are confused as to what Scripture says about this.  Is divorce an option?  How can one  survive in this kind of relationship?  This book provides hope, help, and clarity for those who  find themselves in an emotionally abusive marriage as well as for those who counsel them.    To order, go to Bookend Publishers, Inc.  It is well worth your investment!

 Roger P. Linden, MSW, LICSW, BCPCC                                              March 31, 2011                                                 
 Sonlight Therapeutic Services
 Virginia, MN 55792 

Dear Troy,

 I purchased the book and received it late last week.  I read it in two sittings.  That should say something to you!  It is a  very compelling book highlighting the struggle women find extremely difficult to get out of for all the reasons you share  in your book.  I was affirmed in my own beliefs about divorce in such a situation as I definitely believe that God does  not expect one of His own to be used as a "punching bag" either physically or emotionally.  I am also a Board Certified  Professional Christian Counselor and was drawn to the book also as I have "tried" to work with men of this disposition. .  . . Thus, I have a good collection of writings on this subject and find them all fairly consistent to the degree that they  all give a very poor prognosis for the narcissist and concentrate on how the wife and family can -- and needs to --  structure their lives around wholesome interactions with each other and outside the family -- even looking at divorce as  an option to be "FREE".  

 I heartily endorse your book and agree with Cheryl Kinnersley that it is bound to give new hope to women who feel  trapped in this kind of negative bond.  Thanks to you and Andrea V. Oelger for daring to write such a book from a  Christian perspective.  I am going to pass it on to my pastor friends.

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