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 "I was at the end of my rope after 5 years of marriage to an  alcoholic.  I didn't know where to turn or what to do.  I went  to the library and searched for books for the spouse of an  alcoholic but found none.  I found plenty of books for my  alcoholic husband but not a single one for me.  After  suffering for a few more years, I found your book, and I'm  now learning to hold my head up high.  This book has been  so helpful.  Thank you for writing it for women married to  alcoholic husbands.  I only wish you'd written this book  years ago." -- A.W. in Ohio

 "This book is written in a format that is easy to read  and understand, although painful for those of us  who have had the same experiences. We need to  know we are not alone. No one wants to consider  leaving a marriage, especially one with children, but  in many cases, it is the best decision, for us and the  children. Ms. Danae is to be congratulated for having  the courage to share the story. Thanks." --S. Thomas

 "This book is going to help so many people.  I  read it, and immediately bought a copy for a  woman in my church.  She is married to an  alcoholic and desperately needed the insights in  this book.  I heartily recommend it."  --A.C. in IL

Excerpt from the Introduction to the book:

Hold Your Head up High is about you and your recovery.  This book is not trying to tell you what to do or to advise you whether to stay or leave your addict/alcoholic.  There are enough uninformed (however well-intentioned) people in all of our lives who do that.

So, if you or someone you know is reluctantly beginning to embark on this unwanted and unwelcomed journey, be encouraged.  Countless others have actually survived the hell of addicted households and emerged stronger, healthier, saner, more serene.  Many have even found a renewed faith in God.

 "Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for writing this book!  I'm a member of an Al-  Anon group, and I wish every woman who is married to an alcoholic would read  this book.  Then, they'd realize they're not alone and that there is hope for their  situation.  This book illustrates the Al-Anon steps in real life and is very, very  helpful for anyone married to an alcoholic."  -- Anonymous