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What Women are Saying

 "Out of all of the self help books I have bought throughout the my life, this one truly turned me around. All of the other  books were on   how to make myself look better, change my ways so I could be loved. Surface type stuff. I found my life  back when I read this book at how   I have suffered at the hand of narcissistic alcoholics. No way to make these  relationships work b/c I would have to change the dynamic woman that I truly am. I'm finally taking a stand for myself and  keeping my eyes open and ears closed to those who are so harmfully critical of me. If you have no other books, this is the  book to have. I learned so much about myself and how I have truly learned to attract positive people and energy into my  life and say no to toxic entities! LOVE this book! If you do nothing else about your situation, read this book. You will find  that these narcissists need you more than you need them. Can't say enough greatthings about it and read it in an evening!  Thank you Andrea V. Oelger! You are an incredible woman!" --A. Smith – MO

 "This is one of the finest spiritual books written regarding Narcissism I have ever read.  Have shared this book with several people, it has helped me personally to release  unnecessary pain and guilt, seems to be doing this with others that are reading it. Highly  recommend it to those who feel so lost and fearful for their sanity and safety. These  authors know what they speak of, and they deliver this info with love and great  understanding. Extremely helpful for those who have known narcissistic people. Thank  you."--Necessary Truth

 "I especially appreciated the biblical  explanation you offer on divorce if the  victim of a narcissistic husband finally has  to take that route.  I wish every woman in  my church would read that chapter on  divorce." -- M.T.N in Illinois

 "I started reading  this  book and  couldn't put  it down  until I finished  it.  Wow!  I wish I  had  read this book  years  ago.  It would  have  saved me a lot  of pain  and  heartache."-- C.J.  in  Texas

 "The strategies you recommend for  staying with a narcissistic husband  really work.  I've used them, and my  marriage is improved.  At least, I think I  can survive now. "-- T.C. in Washington

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 "Reading this book was difficult  for me.  Someone I care deeply  about was married to a narcissist  for five years.  We have talked  about her experience occasionally,  and I knew her  marriage was  difficult, but I  never knew just  how bad it was  until I read this  book." -- A.O. in MO