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Avis Clendenen is Professor of Religious Studies at Saint Xavier University.  She has published several books and articles on spirituality and the psychology of religion.

Troy W. Martin is Professor of Biblical Studies at Saint Xavier University.  He is a public speaker and the author of numerous books and articles on biblical topics.

 Forgiveness: Finding Freedom  through Reconciliation by Avis  Clendenen and Troy W. Martin  offers help for those who struggle  with broken relationships and with  unresolved issues with significant  others, especially parents and  close family members.  Clendenen  and Martin explore the roles of the  offender and the offended and  describe forgiveness as an  exchange between two people.    They reject the prominent cultural  idea that someone who is offended  can forgive without any interaction  with the offender.  

 In a successful forgiveness exchange, the offended confronts the offender.  The offender then repents and accepts  responsibility for his or her role in the broken relationship.  The offended extends forgiveness, and the offender  accepts this forgiveness.  Of course, life is not always so simple, and Clendenen and Martin describe unsuccessful  forgiveness exchanges and explain what to do when forgiveness is not possible or even desirable.  Those who  struggle with issues of forgiveness will find this book extremely helpful.


Finding Freedom Through Reconciliation

by Avis Clendenen and 

Troy Martin

(New York: The Crossroads

Publishing Company, 2002)

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