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In Growing Up Beautiful in an Ugly World of Bullies, Miss Brownfield and three-time Miss Outstanding Teen Texas competitor, Jacy Etter, describes the cruel world of bullying.  She knows this world well.  She was a chubby kid with acne masking her face, braces hiding her smile, and glasses disguising her eyes.  Her appearance made her a constant target of bullies.  At school, she became the victim of ridicule, teasing, aggression, and alienation.  In this book, she offers a first-hand perspective of her cruel treatment by bullies and the feelings of shame, self-doubt, and self-hatred she came to have about herself. 

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While some victims of bullying turn to drugs, self-harm, suicide, or running away, Jacy decided to take a different path.  She chose to implement changes and transform her life.  She became determined to grow up beautiful even in an ugly world of bullies.  Just as a caterpillar goes through metamorphosis and then becomes a beautiful butterfly,  she determined to pursue her very own metamorphosis. 

In her book, she describes what she did to change her life, her appearance, and her self-esteem and how she overcame the negative effects of bullying. Her book is an inspiration for kids and teenagers battling bullying and a useful resource for the educators and parents who support them.

Growing Up Beautiful in an Ugly World of Bullies

The Metamorphosis of a Young Teen

By Jacy Etter

(Bourbonnais, IL:  

Bookend Publishers, 2012)

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