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When you focus on your own recovery, you will help your entire family.  No matter how desperate your situation may be, it is possible for you to discover strength, hope, faith, and even joy regardless of whether your alcoholic is active or not.

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 Hold Your Head Up High

If you or someone you know is married to an alcoholic, this book can help.  If you love someone who is struggling with addiction, this book will give you many tools to survive.

One woman’s powerful story describes what life with an alcoholic  is like.  She exposes her inner thoughts, struggles, and distorted beliefs about the world and gives helpful insights for living a healthy life with or without the alcoholic.  Are you in a relationship with an alcoholic?  If you are, this book will encourage and inspire you and help you deal with your problems from a Christian perspective.

Hold Your Head Up High

Surviving Marriage to an Alcoholic or Addict:  From Auntie's Notebook

By Amie Danae

(Bourbonnais, IL:

Bookend Publishers,  2012)

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