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 In this book, you will also read  about the Christian teachings of  male headship and female  submission and how your narcissistic  husband can use these teachings to  control and manipulate you.  This  book exposes him and demonstrates  that the Biblical teachings of male  headship and female submission are  not about domination and control  but all about providing what you  need to become the wonderful  person you were created to be.

 If you choose to stay with  your difficult husband, this  book gives you strategies  for how to deal with him.    If you decide to stay, you  definitely need these  strategies to survive him  and his destructive  behaviors.  

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 If you have thought of leaving or divorcing  your husband but struggle with your church's  stand against divorce, you really, really  need this book.    This book discusses the  divorce texts in the Bible and explains why  the Bible permits you to divorce your  abusive narcissistic husband and also  remarry if you choose.  Please stop letting  your husband or even your church misuse  these Biblical texts to keep you locked up in  your destructive and toxic marriage.  God  never intended for you to be a verbal or  emotional punching bag, and this book will  free you to leave and divorce your  narcissistic husband.

 I Promise to Hate, Despise and Abuse You Until Death Do Us Part is about difficult  narcissistic husbands and  how  they affect you,  your family, your church, and your  social life.  You can read a  lot of  books about narcissism, but not many from a  Christian perspective.   If you  choose  to stay with your difficult husband, this book  gives you strategies for how to  deal  with him.  If you decide to stay, you definitely  need these strategies to survive  him  and his destructive behaviors.  So please,  order this book and read it.  It will  help  you just as it has helped so many other  women.