"I acknowledge with appreciation receipt of the book today.  I must confess it was a pleasant surprise to find it in my  mail box so soon after ordering.  I was on my way to church when I stopped to check my mail. Needless to say my  pastor had at least one inattentive congregant - I could not resist reading it!  As a survivor of a Narcissistic marriage,  single mom of 2 boys, the challenges are enormous but God has been my Faithful Help, raising total strangers to  support and encourage me to stay safe, while I face stigmatization from my former church.  I have journeyed through  many stages.  First, finding a name for my experiences--Abuse.  Second, identifying that my husband was the problem  not me--Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Third, hoping miraculously to change him by my actions or inactions--Kim  Cooper and narcissismcured.com.  Finally, realizing that this is as good as it gets and that the choice to stay or leave  was up to me.  Several websites and books have helped me on this journey, but your book has it all in one place for the  Christian woman who must choose.  This is where I believe your book will prove invaluable since it deals with  Narcissism in the context of scripture.  Does it get any better?  Well yes, it’s easy to read."-- F.O. in Asia

 "Excellent! Every woman  married to an abuser should  read this. Every member at a  church should read this! The  public should know about  this."--Mom of two

 "I especially appreciated the biblical explanation you  offer  on divorce if the victim of a narcissistic husband  finally  has to take that route.  I wish every woman in my  church  would read that chapter on divorce."-- M.T.N in Illinois

 This is one of the finest spiritual books written  regarding Narcissism I have ever read.  Have shared  this book with several people, it has helped me  personally to release  unnecessary pain and guilt,  seems to be doing this with others that are reading it.  Highly  recommend it to those who feel so lost and  fearful for their sanity and safety. These  authors  know what they speak of, and they deliver this info  with love and great  understanding. Extremely helpful  for those who have known narcissistic people. Thank  you."--Necessary Truth

 "Great book for understanding narcissistic abusers. I  especially recommend the last section on how to live  with a narcissistic abuser if you decide to stay in the  marriage. However, if there is physical abuse, get  out"  --Robbie in NC

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